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Dental anxiety

Did you know that 25% of people in the Netherlands are afraid of the dentist? And that almost 4% also have a dental phobia. Fear of the dentist is annoying, because good teeth have a major influence on well-being and well-being.


Dental anxiety can be divided into three types:


- Fear of major treatments, such as tooth extraction or root canal treatment.


- fear in the patient of not having control over the treatment. Patients are then afraid, for example, because they do not know exactly what is happening in their mouth.


- Fear of unpleasant physical reactions during dental treatment, such as fainting and retching.


As a result, it often happens that patients postpone their visit to the dentist, which can cause complaints to become serious. When these patients do end up in the dental chair, a great deal of demand is often placed on the patience and creativity of the dentist.


Anxious patients can greatly benefit from EMDR and / or cognitive behavioral therapy. EMDR often gives quick results, requiring only a few sessions.

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