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Praktijk de Hoofdroute

The information you share with us is confidential.

We have a duty of confidentiality, which means that we only speak to others about you or your child with your express consent. If it is desired to consult with others (for example the teacher), we will only do so with your explicit consent and preferably in the presence of yourself. Christine is a member of the NIP and bound by the professional code for psychologists and the SKJ . Lonneke is a member of the NVO and bound by the professional code of the NVO and the SKJ.

Kinderpsycholoog Lisse

The law obliges us to create a file. In this file, the information is recorded that is necessary to provide good care and / or to carry out careful research. The law also obliges us to keep files for fifteen years.

It is regulated by law that assistance by practice De Hoofdroute can only start if both parents give permission for this, if both have parental authority. If one of the parents cannot or does not want to be present at the interviews, written permission from the absent parent is required. This is done by means of a declaration of consent, which you will receive after the telephone intake.

  • Voor behandeling van kinderen tot 16 jaar moeten beide gezaghebbende ouders toestemming geven.

  • Vanaf 12 jaar moeten zowel de jongere als de ouders toestemming geven.

  • Jongeren vanaf 16 jaar hebben geen toestemming van hun ouders nodig.

Your rights

As a client you have the right to inspect or a copy of the information included in your file. If you find factual inaccuracies in the file, you can ask us to correct or supplement this information. If you do not agree with information included in the file, you can request us to add your own statement (your opinion) to the file. You also have the right to request us to destroy (parts of) your file. In principle, we will comply with your request for all rights. We can only (partially) refuse your request if we believe that the interests of others, for example your children, are being harmed.

Complaints procedure

If you are not satisfied with the treatment, we ask you to discuss this with us as soon as possible. We can then work together to see how we can arrive at a solution. If, in your opinion, discussing your dissatisfaction does not produce sufficient results, you can consider submitting an official complaint to the NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists) or the NVO (Dutch Association of Orthopedagogues).


Vanaf 1 januari 2017 is het Model Kwaliteitsstatuut GGZ van kracht. Het Kwaliteitsstatuut beschrijft de wijze waarop de integrale zorg voor u als cliënt is georganiseerd. Het Kwaliteitsstatuut draagt er toe bij dat de autonomie en regie van u als cliënt zoveel mogelijk wordt gestimuleerd en de kwaliteit en doelmatigheid van de zorgverlening inzichtelijk en toetsbaar zijn.

Het Kwaliteitsstatuut helpt cliënten keuzes te maken en deel te nemen aan besluitvorming over hun eigen zorgtraject. 

Indien u inzage wil hebben in ons kwaliteitsstatuut dan kunt u deze hier lezen. 

Privacy law


Your file

Divorced parents

Consent for minors

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