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GPs and POH-Youth

As a GP and POH youth you will have to deal with children / young people and their carers on a daily basis and you play an important role as a referrer. For example, you can estimate the severity of the problem, make the choice whether he will stay within the practice for treatment, or in some cases refer you to general basic mental healthcare or specialist mental healthcare.

We are happy to think along with you about the steps to be taken in this identification phase. We believe it is important that everyone receives the help that suits them and are happy to think along with you about which process is best for the patient concerned.

We appreciate consultation or consultation with you about a possible referral. Are you unsure about a referral? You can always contact us

Praktijk De Hoofdroute

tel: 06 - 38 86 14 73 (Lonneke)

     06 - 42 96 42 31 (Christine)

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